Skills & Apprenticeships

From engineering to marketing, port operations to finance and accounting, there are a wealth of career opportunities available at Teesport.

Any innovative business would agree that apprentices are vital building blocks and important elements for future growth, adding value to operations and enabling us to build a strong and sustainable future.

Supporting young people has never been more important. That’s why businesses across Teesport are committed to building strong and trusted relationships with local educational partners, such as NETA, Middlesbrough College, Teesside University, Stockton Riverside College, the Education Training Collective and Stockton Sixth Form, to highlight the range of careers on offer within the maritime sector.

There are also a number of dedicated institutions across the Tees Valley that share in our values to help young people develop the skills that will drive our region forward whilst also promoting diversity and inclusion in the maritime sector.

High tide Foundation

The High Tide foundation was founded in 2021 by Casper Shipping and PD Ports with a view to dispelling the myths often associated with the Maritime sector and encourage children out of the classroom and into industry. Click here for more information.

The Tees Valley Logistics Academy

The Tees Valley Logistics Academy, delivered by Stockton Riverside College, was created to service the demands of the industry by working in close partnership with employers to identify the needs of the sector, offer bespoke training opportunities and help raise awareness among all ages.

The academy recognises that logistics is the very lifeblood of the Tees Valley’s industrial landscape which is why it’s so important to offer a skills service that responds to real demands.

With six key strands of development, ranging from school development to pre-employment and higher education, the Tees Valley Logistics Academy aims to directly tackling skill shortages whilst raising awareness of the industry.

North East School of Shipping

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has partnered with Stockton Riverside College and Tees Valley Logistics Academy to introduce the first phase of a dedicated shipping school to the Tees Valley.

By developing a future skilled workforce, the school, which is the institute’s first in the UK outside of London, aims to tackle both current and future skills gaps by bringing together employers, industry experts and educators.

Based on the London School of Shipping Model, the North East School of Shipping provides a range of courses to those starting out in the shipping industry, delivered by Stockton Riverside College.

Supporting businesses at Teesport include AV Dawson, Casper Shipping, LV Shipping, PD Ports and Cockfield Knight.

Click here to find out more about current opportunities at the North East School of Shipping.