Casper Group is a maritime services organisation with a global reach, providing a complete and comprehensive range of shipping solutions.  With origins dating back to 1872, Casper Group has provided professional shipping, chartering & logistics services for 145 years.  We offer a full range of shipping services including:

  • Port Agency
  • Chartering
  • Customs
  • Hub – National ships husbandry Co-ordination
  • Demurrage
  • Logistics
  • Defence

Jobs at Casper Shipping Ltd

There are currently no vacancies at Casper Shipping Ltd

Key Contacts for Casper Shipping Ltd

Nikki Sayer (Customs Enquiries)


T:01642 243662 - Option 2

Rob Bateman (Commercial Enquiries)


T:01624 243662 - Option 1

David Gibbin (Operational Enquiries)

Agency Manager

T:01642 243662 - Option 1

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