Augean is the UK’s leading hazardous waste management business, offering sustainable and compliance-led waste re-use, recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal services of hazardous, difficult-to-handle and non-hazardous wastes. Augean is an AIM-quoted public company with an annual turnover of >£100m, employing around 300 people across 16 sites nationwide.

Augean provides a wide range of waste management services with a focus on hazardous wastes but also handles non-hazardous wastes. Augean’s services include waste re-use, recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal, as well as related industrial services activities, for the UK’s renewable energy, construction, harbour and port side, heavy industry, manufacturing, defence, nuclear, and oil and gas sectors.

Augean’s largest operational facility is located at Port Clarence, Teesside, where a wide range of waste treatment and disposal activities takes place.


Dredgings Services, Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities  

Augean’s specialist treatment and landfill assets are located in Port Clarence in Teesside, and Kings Cliffe near Peterborough.

Augean can transport, store, treat and dispose of large volumes of wet dredged sediment within the same Augean facility. This provides a simple auditable in-house solution, capable of handling a significant volume of dredgings at competitive rates.

By utilising purpose-built dredging lagoons for short-term storage pending treatment, Augean’s facilities are capable of receiving large volumes of dredged material in short timeframes. The availability of these permitted lined storage lagoons enables the provision of continued service, avoiding delays to dredging activities often faced when land spreading or disposing of at sea during bad weather events.

Additionally, following a recent report by the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) it has been identified that acceptable contamination limits (“Action Levels”) for the disposal of dredged sediments to sea are too conservative when compared to that of the limits imposed by other nations. As such, it is expected that these Action Levels will soon become stricter and therefore more material will be deemed unsuitable for disposal to sea. Augean, having developed the necessary assets, is available to support dredging operations and the likely need to dispose of material to land as an alternative to sea disposal.

In addition to our lagoons, Augean has excellent relationships with bulk logistics specialists to transport dredged sediment in bulk across land and water. This allows for sediment discharge from site without the need for de-watering. These efficient operations remove the need to seek a licence for disposal or storage from the regulators.

Underpinning Augean’s treatment activities are our hazardous and non-hazardous landfill facilities, engineered to the highest standards and monitored under the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR) regime. All sites can accept a broad range of materials and wastes such as contaminated soils, fibrous and bonded asbestos, treatment residues and filter cakes. All hazardous wastes are subjected to a rigorous technical assessment and testing regime.

UKAS Laboratory Services

Augean’s Laboratory Services provides testing and analysis of  our customers’ wastes both at technical assessment stage and also following receipt. Our purpose-built UKAS accredited laboratory provides a broad range of analysis work following UKAS certified methods. Augean’s highly qualified chemists prepare waste characterisation, leaching and composition analysis as well as compliance testing for processed wastes. Furthermore, Augean’s technical  assessment and operations teams regularly conduct trials to optimise the processing and treatment of waste streams and, where appropriate, develop innovative solutions for our customers.

Industrial Services and Chemical Treatment Services

Augean’s industrial and chemical treatment plants undertake the cleaning, re-use, recycling, recovery, treatment and disposal of a broad range of chemical and oil-based wastes, including those generated in the offshore oil and gas sector. Operating from Paisley, Port Clarence and Avonmouth, Augean provides thermal, biological, physico-chemical and mechanical treatment solutions for domestic and offshore customers with a focus on generating process residues to appropriate specifications allowing their utilisation as alternative materials and sources of energy for a broad range of process industries.

Service Excellence

As the UK’s leading hazardous  waste operator, Augean advise and help our customers every day, assisting them in understanding and complying with the complex legal, regulatory and technical requirements for the safe management of specialist waste streams.

Augean specialises in helping customers with services that are critical but non-core to their own business. Waste is an issue for every business, but it does not have to be a problem. Augean ensures that forthcoming legislation and regulations are monitored so that compliance objectives are understood, communicated to our teams, customers and supply chain, and new protocols are implemented as necessary ahead of regulatory deadlines. In following this approach, we ensure that our waste solutions are sustainable, protecting the interests of our stakeholders including our customers and shareholders.

Augean is committed to delivering excellence in customer service. To ensure we sustain this standard, all facets of the business, including customer-facing and back-office teams, operate to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 45001. The Group continues to successfully achieve high standards of performance as assessed during all assessment visits conducted by BSI, our chosen certification provider. Augean also holds a wide range of memberships including with the ESA, EIC, THPUA, BPA, Achilles, Marine Safety Forum, Water Jetting Association, SafeContractor, Constructionline and The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management.

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